Besides having an amazing aquarium people can visit, we also offer outreach presentations where our outstanding instructors travel to you!  We visit schools, camps, libraries and more within a two hour driving range of Washington DC, but can also do broadcasts to your site using Skype and Zoom!


– $25 for Distance Learning (Skype/Zoom) (30 minutes)
– $85 for a turtle visit (M-W only) (30 minutes)
– $125 for a squid, fish, or heart dissection (60 minutes)
– $150 for a Classroom presentation (Under the Sea or Chesapeake Critters) (60 minutes)
– $275 for a small assembly (max 50 children) (60 minutes)
– $375 for a large assembly (max 350 students). $325 for second assembly (back-to-back) (60 minutes)

There may be a travel fee if you are outside the Montgomery Co, Fairfax Co, Loudoun Co, Washington DC area.

Our presentations include:

  • Under the Sea – a live animal presentation that features crabs, sea snails, sea urchins, fish, and even a small shark!  We discuss the variety of life found under the sea and how they all are part of a complex food web.
  • Chesapeake Critters – An excellent summery of what lives in our bay, how it has changed over time due to sediment and nutrients, and what can be done to improve it.  We cover the life (and show living examples of oysters, blue crabs, whelks, barnacles, and oyster toadfish) but also mention the Jamestown settlement!
  • Dissection Labs – We can lead a classroom on an investigation of a squid, oyster, fish, or even a heart!  The squid lab and oyster lab are done in teams of two students, while the fish lab and heart lab are dissections lead by the instructor.
  • Turtle Visit – A 30 minute classroom presentation about turtles.  Students get to meet a live turtle and learn all about these hard shelled critters!
  • Other presentations include – Sharks – Whales – Invertebrates vs Vertebrates – A Day at the Beach

Watch our Outreach Promo Video! 



We come to you!  For nearly 20 years now, we have traveled to schools, camps, scouts, libraries, retirement homes, and more, to educate about the life found below the ocean waves.


Visit www.touchthesea.org for more information or email us at andrew@touchthesea.org about our outreach presentations.