About our Aquarium

The Glen Echo Park Aquarium is a Chesapeake Bay Discovery Center in historic Glen Echo Park. Our mission is to promote awareness of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed through education, in order to encourage stewardship and conservation. The Aquarium features live animal exhibits, static and interactive displays, activities, a live touch tank, a giant sand pit, a submarine, and a pirate ship in a tree, all designed to help our visitors learn about our nation’s largest estuary!


The Glen Echo Park Aquarium (GEPA) is a branch of Under the Sea, a live marine animal outreach company based in Northern Virginia, and is in partnership with the College of Exploration. Visit Under the Sea at www.touchthesea.org!

Glen Echo Park has a rich history.  To learn more about it, visit https://glenecho-cabinjohn.com/GE-04.html

and here – https://www.npca.org/articles/1010-merrily-go-round

and here – https://laffinthedark.com/articles/glenecho/glenecho1.htm