Feeding Schedule

Come to the aquarium during one of our feedings and see our animals in action.

NOTE: Feedings are not guaranteed to occur at these times.

Stingray & Eel
We have a few Chesapeake critters with a reputation for being scary.  See that they’re not scary at all – just hungry for some squid!
11:30, 1:30
Some of our animals will eat just about anything.  Crabs and crayfish are important because they eat animals that die and sink to the bottom of the Bay.  But don’t worry.  Here at the aquarium, we feed them squid rings.
Ambush Predators
Meet some of our sneakiest fish.  The summer flounder and oyster toadfish are masters of camouflage.  Watch them leap out of hiding for a squid snack!
Feed the Fishies!
Everything from channel catfish to silver perch.  See some freshwater fishies from the Bay area chow down on squid and smelt.
Touch Tank
You’ve already been up close and personal with our touch tank animals. Learn even more about them while we feed them squid, shrimp, and smelt.
Meet our Herps
Meet some amphibious Chesapeake Bay residents, meaning they spend time both on land and in the water.  One lucky volunteer might even get to help feed our yellow-bellied slider!